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American Antiquarian Society in Worcester, MA

Materials: Grayson Slate from Vermont Structural Slate and our FZP undercut anchor with our aluminum support system

Installer: Fernandes Masonry

Architect: Samuel Anderson Architects

First Western Bank and Trust

framework 1

framework 2

framework 3

Architect: JLG Architects
Material: Grayson Slate by Vermont Structural Stone
General Contractor who installed the support system: Northwest Contracting
Installer of the Slate: Rokwerks
Our aluminum support system and FZP undercut anchor for slate.

Tower A in Hudson Yards New York

The architect is KPF, the installer is Port Morris Tile and Marble, the material is Jet Mist granite supplied by LaCroix Granite. The facade is open joint and they used our aluminum support system and undercut anchor.


The architect for this project is Stantec, the GC/installer is Cianbro, the material is Grayson slate supplied by Vermont Structrual Slate. This is an open joint rainscreen utilizing our aluminum support system and our undercut anchor.

Punchbowl Cemetery in Honolulu, Hawaii

Featuring Probe's continuous open channel support system

Limestone Fabricator: Solancis in Portugal

Installer: Michael Gangloff Mira Image Construction

They used our support system and undercut anchors