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Thai Buddhist Temple in Raynham, Massachusetts

Thai Buddhist Temple in Raynham, Massachusetts - The Fischer rainscreen support system and FZP undercut anchor along with Jerusalem Gold was used on what is considered the largest Thai Buddhist Temple outside of Thailand. 

Utah’s Primary Children’s Hospital

Porcelain rainscreen @ Utah’s Primary Children’s Hospital using the Fischer FZP concealed undercut anchor for thin material such as porcelain and fiber cement.

New Undercut Anchor for Indiana Limestone

Fischer has designed a custom FZP undercut anchor for 2” Indiana Limestone to be used in creating your limestone rainscreen façade. The anchor has a wider undercut to accommodate the stone’s properties.


PROBE Rainscreen Facade Systems has a new full page ad which will be running in the Business Stone Institute magazine coming out on May 28th.

Stone Business

Please check out this article about PROBE which was feature in the publication STONE BUSINESS. And, as always, be sure to take a look at our work and learn more about us by perusing our galleries and pages! Keep checking back here for the latest from PROBE Rainscreen Facade Systems. 

Click HERE for the STONE BUSINESS article.