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Wychwood Library



Project name:  Wychwood Library
Architect:  Shoalts and Zaback Architects Ltd.
Installer:  Semple Gooder
Stone:  Grayson Slate supplied by Vermont Structural Slate
System:  ACT System One with FZP undercut anchors supplied by Probe Facade Systems

Chicago Tribune Residences

Materials: Indiana Limestone with our continuous kerf support system

Installer: Illinois Masonry Corp

107 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ

Washington Street



Materials: Granite using our FZP undercut anchor and aluminum support system

Architect: Nastasi

Installer: Probe Facade Systems


Arcade Residences in Chicago

Materials: Limra Limestone and Black granite along with our FZP undercut anchors and aluminum support system
Installer: Illinois Masonry Corp

New Public Service Building, Minneapolis, Minnesota - Interior and Exterior

Materials: Jura limestone with our FZP undercut anchor and Vertical Solution support system
Installer: Grazzini Brothers and Company
Architect: MSR Design