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Using black slate for rainscreen exterior claddings

Probe is proud to announce a new addition to its collection—a beautiful façade material brought to you direct from nature with a little help from modern innovations. It allows design professionals to create a stunning open-joint façade using the company’s aluminum grid system and concealed, stress-free undercut anchors for thin materials.

As today’s materials are leaning toward manmade composites, Probe is choosing to highlight nature at its best. In combinations such as 24 x 12 and 36 x 18 or 48 x 10, 48 x 18, 48 x 14, and 48 x 22, the panels employ four undercut anchors and stone brackets, along with the company’s aluminum support system. The supports can be used with metal stud construction, as well as masonry.

Installation with the support system is a breeze. Once the grid is installed, the panels are quickly set in place on the horizontal rails. No shimming is necessary—vertical adjustment is achieved with a simple screw, while in/out adjustment is done via Probe’s unique drilling process.