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Fischer, for which we are the U.S. representative, has succeeded in creating the first point fitting for glass in the world in which the hole does not penetrate the glass.

The FZP-G-Z involves an undercut point fitting made from stainless steel. It consists of cone bolt, expansion sleeve, plastic cap, shim washer and retaining nut.

A Broader Design Field

The smooth outside of the glass facade offers the architect a broader design field, while at the same time, the susceptibility to soiling and cleaning requirements are reduced. The fischer FZP-G-Z is offered in two variations for glazing with toughened safety glass (ESG or ESG-H) and laminated safety glass (VSG). The glass panes can be enamelled or coated and can also serve as substrates for solar elements that are laminated on.

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For more about fischer and our Glass Facade Systems please download a detailed brochure here.

Podium for the Brooklyn Academy of Music using Neoparies glass panels along with our FZP undercut anchor and aluminum support system.
Designer:  Two Trees Development
Installer:  Eastern Exterior Wall Systems