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fischer A|C|T System

Probe Construction Products, Inc. is the U.S. representative for Fischer Advanced Curtainwall Technology Systems. The Fischer ventilated stone façade system is comprised of a stress free undercut anchor suspended on an aluminum subframe consisting of horizontal and vertical members with specially designed wallholders. The system allows for the use of up to six inches of exterior insulation with minimal penetrations to the insulation envelope.

• System can span floor to floor without load bearing tiebacks

• Ideal for problem substrates

• Seismic tested to 9 on the Richter Scale

• The subframe can be anchored to most surfaces: block, concrete, CMU’s as well as steel stud construction

• Ventilated thermally efficient facades

• Rainscreen

• Reduced panel thickness

• Higher ultimate loads

The Key to New Facade Aesthetics

With its ACT System (Advanced Curtain Wall Technique), Fischer offers architects and specifiers an innovative, high-quality, all- inclusive system for fixing ventilated claddings. Apart from technical and financial advantages, the ACT System also provides a particularly extensive scope for architectural design. For example, ACT allows the use of facade natural stone panels from 20 mm in thickness, free positioning of the anchor anywhere on the rear side of the panel and easy replacement of all or individual panels. Even soffit panels can be attached with ease and in many different ways. ACT’s aesthetic highlight is its undercut technology combined with the FZP fischer zykon panel, which ensures that there are no visible fixing elements at the joint.

ACT Extends The Options – And Reduces The Costs.

ACT System technology perfectly combines the use of panel anchors, individual substructures and sophisticated drilling technology. This pays off on the construction site, where installation is fast and simple, non-dependent on weather conditions. Construction time is reduced – and so are costs.

Where Powerful Forces Are At Work

The fischer ACT System opens up the way for effortless and cost efficient design of attractive, complex facades. The reason lies in the system itself - FZP, the fischer zykon panel anchor, which is an undercut and therefore stress-free fixing system that is installed into pre-drilled undercut holes. This technology offers several times higher ultimate loads than conventional fixings. Because anchor positioning can be optimised, the bending moment within the panel is reduced by about 50 % when compared to traditional systems. This allows reduced panel thickness and larger panel sizes. In addition, the varied panel thickness can be compensated by the use of stand-off anchor types.